Monday, 6 October 2014

Trevor and Sue Cook house 1992

I have posted this on my Quayside blog but thought because it was an older house it might be of interest on here too!

This is the latest arrival in the village! The Grand Quayside hotel! Its not a Julie house unfortunately as she tends to make smaller houses which wouldn't really suit a big hotel. I did buy it from Julie though and she said after she was very sad to part with it so I really hope I do it justice! It was made by Trevor and Sue Cook in 1992 so its bordering on being Vintage. Its beautifully made, all wood which is a big thing for me as all my houses are wood! Apart from painting the path to match in with the village I haven't had to do a thing as it was all beautifully decorated. I like that it had a modern feel inside though as my only worry was it would feel like my Victorian house but it doesn't at all and I really couldn't have found a better hotel!

Repainted path and a couple of plant pots added.

I plan to add a conservatory one day to add an extra room, probably a cocktail lounge. For now I added the awning and the car with the first guests arriving!

This is how the inside looked before I started filling it up!

I love the real stairs and hallways!

Lovely decoration and beautiful wooden floors!

I did actually have a lot to go in here already as its all moved over from the B & B

Polly is in the dining room preparing the breakfast buffet.

The wallpaper in here couldn't have been more perfect to go with my units!

 This room is the honeymoon suite. The bath is probably a bit much but I liked it so squeezed it in for the newly weds to have long romantic bubble baths!

This is the Captains room! He is a permanant resident and his room is kept for him when he is out at sea!

Ships wheel bed and lovely quilt of course made by Deb!

On the top floor is another pretty bed although I may give this room a different theme! Beccy is the new chambermaid and is cleaning the room just in case its needed!

The modern seaside bedroom for the more discerning visitors!

Sybil is manning reception although I think I may change the desk for something a bit more formal!

I had to add a few extra rooms to the keys board!

Basil is in the empty kitchen wondering how they are going to feed anyone!

Next job is the lighting which arrived today .That will be fun with so many rooms....NOT!! It will look amazing all lit up though!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The lovely Ivy cottage

This is Ivy cottage built from Hobbies plans and was my very first vintage house! I just love it to bits! My Orginal Halfpenny family live here and I have also added a conservatory for Gran and Grandpa to get some peace!

Triang 61E updated

This was my first really vintage house and the one that got me hooked on Triangs so I will always have a soft spot for it!

Not done anything too drastic just odd things get changed around and new family moved in as the Tinys moved next door to no 62!

Triang 62 update

I have been adding lots of things to my lovely Triang 62 so I thought I would add some updated photos!

I love my 62 it has original wall papers and floor papers although the floor ones are not so good so hidden with carpets!

Cute Dol Toi bench and bird table sadly the bird has flown off!

Garage needs filling!

I have got mostly Twiggs things in here. It wasn't intended but was going that way so i jut went with it! Twiggs sideboard and 3 piece suite

Twiggs bedroom suite

Twiggs bathroom suite

I love the girls room which is a mix of Barton with Dol Toi beds. The little prams are the cutest thing ever!

Twiggs kitchen with Taylor and Barratt stove. I need some Twiggs kitchen chairs which are not the easiest thing to find.

My little family of Grecon live here. Mr and Mrs Tiny with their daughters Tiffany Tiny in orange and Tilly the toddler. Cousin Violet is also living here at the moment. Its Tiffanys Birthday and she has some little Grecon friends over for a party. Gran has popped in to help out!