Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Triang 62 update

I have been adding lots of things to my lovely Triang 62 so I thought I would add some updated photos!

I love my 62 it has original wall papers and floor papers although the floor ones are not so good so hidden with carpets!

Cute Dol Toi bench and bird table sadly the bird has flown off!

Garage needs filling!

I have got mostly Twiggs things in here. It wasn't intended but was going that way so i jut went with it! Twiggs sideboard and 3 piece suite

Twiggs bedroom suite

Twiggs bathroom suite

I love the girls room which is a mix of Barton with Dol Toi beds. The little prams are the cutest thing ever!

Twiggs kitchen with Taylor and Barratt stove. I need some Twiggs kitchen chairs which are not the easiest thing to find.

My little family of Grecon live here. Mr and Mrs Tiny with their daughters Tiffany Tiny in orange and Tilly the toddler. Cousin Violet is also living here at the moment. Its Tiffanys Birthday and she has some little Grecon friends over for a party. Gran has popped in to help out!

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