Wednesday, 1 October 2014

These are a few houses that I have bought but sold on! Triang S / Broome / 50 Kitfix Geebee

There have been a number of house I have bought along the way but owing to my space restrictions I have been really fussy and only kept the one I really loved! All are nice but I couldn't keep everything so some just passed through briefly!

Triang S in lovely original condition!

Dolly mixture. Badly overpainted needed too much work! I stripped it all back then got bored and sold it lol!

GeeBee fairytale cottage was cute but not in the best condition so it came and went!

Triang 50. This was a really nice house and I liked the size of the rooms but I hankered after the 6 roomed 55 so I let this go!

Ktfix house. I really liked it this house but it had a lift off front which I found difficult to access where I had it so reluctantly that went too!

GeeBee mini villa was too similar to my bigger one and decided space issues meant I couldn't have to that were so alike!

Triang Broom. This was a lovely cheerful house but its door was broken the roof was damaged and it was missing all its windows and I just didn't love it so off it went!

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