Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Kitfix house and Lilys Geebee Villa

My vintage doll house collection is still growing! I am so enjoying a different side to collecting although I am fast running out of space! It was my Birthday back in June and Lindsay bought me this Kitfix house! It does help him out as it saves him having to actually find me something himself lol! The house itself is in wonderful condition you would never know its real age. the only thing it has suffered from is some sun damage and it quite faded to the front and side. I was a bit disappointed by this as there was no mention in the listing and you couldn't tell from the photo :-( Its still a nice house though! I had thought it would make a nice shop as I have a few homes now it would be nice to do something different. There aren't many older houses that would lend themselves to being a shop so that's my plan for it at the moment!

Its very rare for it to still have the original flowers in the pots. I have never seen another one with these actually still in place!

It has a nice layout although the garage is a bit of a wasted room! I do wish it had doorways though! So many vintage houses don't. How did these makers expect little girls to move their poor dollies from room to room!

This month is a good month for new houses although it wasn't intentional!! I had just got the Kitfix and the Triang BE so my new house urge was quite subdued! My friend Lily then offered me her lovely GeeBee house and how could I say no! Its always been one of my favourites of her houses and I was flattered she offered it to me. Its in lovely condition! It has its original blinds which are made of metal! They are like razor blades though so how they were ever suitable for children I will never know! Nice to have them though as so many of these houses are missing them.

Lily had made a lovely job of decorating and it really is ready to move into! I do have a few bits inside but will show you when its more ready!

No doorways again but Lily has very clever added an extra room in the middle to make an en-suite bathroom that works really well!

I have also finally got round to decorating my other GeeBee house the Beeches!

I bought some pretty small print paper from the lovely Emily at Little treasures and decorated all the rooms. I used lino samples for down stairs. I am not a fan of sticky carpet but the colour seemed so perfect for this house I decided to use it this once! Its so bright and cheerful I love this house!

This is my Beeches home for little girls! I seem to have a growing collection of little girl dolls so I gave them all a place to live together happily!

I do need some more grown-ups!

The older girls have their own room!

The younger girls have the bigger room as they have lots of toys!

My dear friend Deb of course knitted all the lovely blankets you see!

Downstairs is the living room.

The chill out area for watching cartoons!

The dining area!

While I was in decorating mode I added some brick paper to the BE's sunroom.

And some kitchen flooring downstairs and some parquet effect paper upstairs.

As you can see I am pretty full now! I still have the one to come from my Mums Yet!

The Oakleaf has moved down the hall and is much better there as there's a socket for the lights!

I am still adding little things here and there to my lovely Ivy cottage. Last week I was looking at the conservatory I took out of the village that was sitting under the table doing nothing. I was debating whether to sell it and then had an idea to use it with Ivy. I thought it might be too big but actually it looks the perfect size!

I had this light for sale on Ebay at the time so quickly ended it to use in here as it was just right and lights it up lovely! I decorated the back wall to make it a bit cosier.

Granny and Grandpa Halfpenny have sneaked out to enjoy the peace and quiet. they just need some glasses for their elderflower cordial. I will add some more things in here like more plants, a fish tank and a birdcage!

I managed to find a green Barton kitchen on Ebay last week. I am so chuffed I really wanted one for ages and never thought I would find one as I have never seen one for sale!

The sink and table were sadly missing their draws but I have made replacements and spent ages making sure the colour was as close as possible and I really don't think you can tell!

Its  a lovely set such a vibrant colour I am so so happy to own this little set!

One last little thing to show you! I bought this little mat from Ebay last week and it wasn't cheap but its beautifully made and one of the cutest things I have ever seen!! Of course it had a bunny on so it had to be done!

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