Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Oakleaf house

I am still in the wild throws of passion with vintage dolls houses! My new little Triang arrived safely and there are a few more new arrivals!

Today I will share the newest which is my lovely 1981 Toyworks Oakleaf house. This was the British version of a Lundby house! I found it on Ebay and it came with a selection of furniture a transformer and even free delivery so after lots of deliberating I eventually managed to get Lindsay to buy it for me as an early Birthday pressie!

This is the back with a painted back door Its in brilliant condition with no tears or any damage!

This is the front as you see into the house. Its all open plan so you can access every room. I love the outside area and the big wrap around balcony.

It has its front door which is nice as I would imagine it could easily break with lots of playing going on!

It has plastic windows and shutters. It has all of these apart from one window pane!

I have purchased a few Lundby outdoor toys for the garden area. Not sure if I will get a car as it would have to be very narrow!

I love the outside space its like 2 extra rooms to dress!

I love this swing! I have used my Dol Toi family in here as they seemed to suit it so well with their bright colours!

Playing by the pool but too cold to go in!

Mum and her sister minding the baby whilst having a natter!

Temporary brolley til I can get one with the right table to go with the chairs!

The Oakleaf house had its own range of furniture some of which came with the house. The suite I purchased separately which is an Oakleaf set. The rest is Lundby/Barton. Most of which has come with other houses or in job lots I have bought. I love the colours they remind me so much of growing up in the 70's!

I was so pleased to get this light to work! Now I know the transformer is ok I can get some additional lights!

The table and chairs are Oakleasf but I think I will put something a bit more formal in here.

The Barton kitchen is so much fun so I def wanted to use that in here. Again everything I seemed to already have which helped!

The bathroom set is an Oakleaf one and has sadly yellowed quite badly. I have hidden the worst of it with a 'towel' but will try and whiten it at some point!

The teenage girls room! I used to love Jackie lol! She just needs a record player and some more 'stuff' like all teenagers have!

Finally the main bedroom. This set is prob a bit young for Mum and Dad but I like it so much it will stay for a while! Its lost its original bedding so I need to make some that matches better! This is a very sought after set and came inside another house I bought so again no extra pennies spent!

I hope you enjoyed the tour! This house is such a happy house and I am having the best fun ever filling it up with lots of 70's goodies!! :-) Next and update on the Triang which will be very soon!!

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