Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My first vintage house Ivy Cottage

My gorgeous little vintage cottage arrived safely on Wednesday which was very quick! It was pefect apart from a misplaced fireplace which is now firmly back in place! I have to say this little house has got me so excited about minis again! I think I was getting a bit complacent with my village but having something different to look for has really got me feeling the mini love again lol!!

I have already made a few changes although it was very lovely!

I have added the shutters as I got them for a great price of a FB friend. They really make the house look even cuter!

I have also added the dreaded lights! I haven't used vintage ones that was beyond me so I went with smaller 1/12th ones which look fine.

I removed the flooring paper from the kitchen and the hallway. Its such a cosy house with the gorgeous wood I felt that the grey paper made it feel cold!

I have bought a couple of little bargains from Ebay just to start me off as it would have been too sad having it empty!

The furniture is so tiny and cute and I love that its old and the children that played with it are prob my age now!

After some consideration I decided to change the wallpaper in the upstairs bedroom. The pattern was a bit big but it had been so neatly done I still felt bad taking it all off!

I have borrowed the bed from the holiday let as its a Sylvanian one so around the 1/16 scale. The other bits were in a box of things my Mum gave me!

The rooms are really generous and the house itself is not much small than Porthole so I did wonder about putting 1/12 scale stuff in at the beginning. Just to show you when I put a 1/12 bed in there you really get a sense of the room proportions as it looks huge!

After taking the hallway paper up it seemed a little dark so I changed the mushroom carpet for cream to lighten it up a bit. I also bought the little Lundby pram as I have always wanted one!

In the front room is my little bargain Barton spotty suite. Its so cute and is really in as new condition which I wasn't expecting!

It looks lovely with a couple of Junes little union Jack cushions that were a little small for my other houses but perfect for this one!!

Today I persuaded Lindsay to put the shelf up for me! It looks just perfect in position and its exactly the house I had in my mind when I imagined it!! Its the perfect height to open up and see right in and above my favourite £10 bootsale tapestry chair! I haven't changed the rest of the room just yet although I am itching too! I have really warm bedding on at the mo and I think I am going to need that for the next few weeks so I will hang fire just for now!

Just look at how exactly it fits the shelf like it was made for it!

I couldn't have a house with no people living in it that would be so sad! I saw this little girl on Ebay and fell in love with her!

And she needed some parents so I won these today! No idea if they were a good price lol I think they were! At just under £20 for a pair of dolls over 50 years old in good condition they seemed great value to me! There is lots of things you can buy but the dolls are harder to come by unless you get the plastic Lundby ones but they aren't right for my little house These traditionally little English dolls are just perfect! Now I just need Grandpa and Grandpa as sadly I was outbid on those lol! Oh and a dog it has to have a dog!

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