Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Triang 61E

My good friend Irene picked up my little vintage Triang house on Saturday and has kindly sent me lots of photos to drool over until I actually have it! I have found out its a 1957 Triang 61E Julie from the past and present forum is so knowledgeable and gave me lots of info! The rectangular Triang label was present from 1955/1956 but mine is the electrified version which seems was only available in 1957. The lady I bought it off said it had been given to her in the 1950s for Christmas so that would be right.

Here is Bob the cat kindly showing the scale!

The green base board has its original paint and is in great condition.

The battery compartment is at the back! It will be fun trying to get it to work! A job for my dad I think!

It has a sun lounge to the side.

The roof has a little amount of damage which I will restore. Hardly surprising considering its almost 60 years old!

 The garage doors just need one new pin and some wax to give them a bit of a drink!

The windows are in lovely condition with the original curtains which don't seem at all faded!

It just needs a good clean and I can't wait to do it lol!

The floor and wall papers are original and are also lovely and bright no fading or water damage! Irene did comment it didn't at all smell meaning it hadn't been kept anywhere damp!

Its a lovely little house and just perfect for my little 1950's Grecon family!

It came complete with a nice original selection of early Barton furniture. There is also a chimney but apparently this model should of had 2!

I also got some lovely little bedding sets made for my Ivy cottage. The lady sells on Ebay but made these to fit my beds. They are so cute and pretty and really good value too!

She asked the colours and lets you pick the fabrics. I thought this one had a lovely old fashioned feel to it! Don't they just look adorable! They make such a massive difference to the room!

I also have 2 new dolls to add to my collection. These were a gift from Julie on the P & P forum. they are 1/12 scale and have lovely detailed faces!

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