Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Triang 61E all furnished and new arrival Triang BE

My gorgeous little Triang 61E is now all furnished and the new family have moved it!

I adore this little house!

I have turned the garage into a laundry room!

Mrs Tiny is hard at work!

Baby Tiny is enjoying the sunshine in her Sylvanian pram!

Mr Tiny is relaxing after a hard day at work.

Tiffany Tiny is up to mischief with Violet her cousin who has come to stay! Violet is my 4th little Grecon doll and its super cute!!

Downstairs is mostly Dol Toi furniture apart from the chairs which I am going to swap!

This Twiggs bedroom set was really cheap as it needed a few repairs but its as good as new now. My lovely friend Deb made the fantastic blanket!

I raised the beds slightly and more Debs blankets!

Twiggs bathroom set was a lucky find as its like new! The little bath mat and towel rail are Dol Toi

I really love this little house so much! Even if you don't like vintage I guarantee you could fall for one of these!

It also has a new neighbour!! I won this Triang BE very cheap on Ebay last week! I love how they are almost the same but very different!

 They look fab together! The BE dates to about 1963 so about 5 years older than the 61E

Just needed a little work! I re-taped the roof seams and touched up the Laburnum sticker on the front but other than that it just needed a good clean!

 The sticker before.......

And after! The windows are in great condition.

The garage has a great up and over door!

The porch had a horrible sticky residue which took a while to remove!

There was even more of it in here and it took me a good hour or so to get it off! Worth it though it looks lovely now!

It has the original light upstairs and a battery compartment underneath!

Now it just needs some nice flooring upstairs and a nice rug downstairs and the the fun part...filling it up!!

I have 2 more to come soon! One is under a blanket in the front room as its a Birthday day and I'm not allowed it til tomorrow! Theres no one home and I am dying to have a peek!! And also one they my lovely friend Lily has offered to me. Its such a wonderful house I couldn't refuse! Its a another mini village in the making! I have had a few from Ebay lately I didn't really like so they have been sold on and I am so pleased to finally have a few more I really love!!!

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